Publication in Carbon Magazine


Traditional energy resources such as fossil fuels are disappearing at an alarming rate. Because of this electric storage of energy is receiving crucial attention. In this regard, the application of Carbon Nanotubes (CNT) has been investigated in several fields. Lately, CNT has gained much attention from electrical energy storage or conversion applications like supercapacitors (EC), fuel cells, as well as Li-ion batteries (LIB).


Recently, much research has gone into increasing the capacity and improve the lifespan of these storage devices. Holst Centre plays a prominent role in this field and now Sandeep Unnikrishnan, researcher at Holst Centre, has co-written an in-depth article on the subject of the influence of H2 and NH3 on catalyst nanoparticle formation and carbon nanotube growth that was recently published in Elsevier's Carbon Magazine.


Here you can find the full article.