Executive report 2018-2019 - Creating a sustainable future

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define a vision for global development. That vision focuses on the wellbeing of individuals, major societal challenges and protecting our environment. It's a vision that Holst Centre shares.


Put simply, we want to create innovations that improve peoples' lives – now and in the future. Our innovation is centered on applications and enabling technologies for SDG-related areas such as healthcare, smart mobility, human-friendly buildings and green energy. In the last year, we have achieved key breakthroughs in areas ranging from high-capacity batteries for electric vehicles that can charge in 5 minutes to sensors for monitoring the heartbeat of unborn babies.



The societal challenges raised in the SDGs can't be tackled by one organization alone. Holst Centre brings together partners from industry and academia. We are proud that many of these partners, from local SMEs to global multinationals, have been working with us for over five years. We continue to build relationships with organizations in the Eindhoven region and around the world.


Improving lives has been a constant throughout Holst Centre's history. However, the technologies we specialize in have matured greatly. We are increasingly applying our innovation closer to the market: moving beyond devices to create complete solutions that directly address society's challenges. In our executive report we highlight these solutions and our 2018/2019 Facts&Figures.

You can read the full document here.