Holst Centre and imec welcome partners to new Intuitive Internet of Things research program 

At the Imec Technology Forum 2015 taking place June 23-24, imec and Holst Centre (set up by imec and TNO) launch a new industrial affiliation program on Intuitive Internet of Things (I2oT). The program aims at leveraging imec and Holst Centre's expertise to develop, together with industry partners, the building blocks for an Intuitive Internet of Things (I2oT), a smart Internet-of-Things (IoT), that unobtrusively surrounds us and interacts with us as individuals, bringing comfort, safety and wellbeing.


To realize an Intuitive Internet of Things, multiple smart sensor networks connect with each other and the cloud. The systems are aware of us, our perspective and environment. Such intuitive sensor networks combine a massive amount of measured data from a multitude of different sensors, with information from the cloud, and turn them into relevant information and actions. Additionally, they learn our preferences, health and behavior and react exactly as we need or want, assisting us in an unobtrusive way.


These intuitive systems will include ultra-small, cheap, intelligent, and ultra–low power sensing and connectivity, often in a one-chip wireless solution.
Imec and Holst Centre have longstanding expertise and excellent track record in radio technology, wireless sensing, ultra-low power electronics, body area networks, diagnostics and flexible electronics: the building blocks to create an easy-to-use Internet of Things. The Intuitive Internet of Things R&D program aims at leveraging this knowhow with global partnerships to develop compact and power-efficient sensor modules, future wireless connectivity and flexible integration technologies. An integral part of the new program will also focus on the development of early I2oT demonstrators and applications while dealing with the heterogeneity of networks, data fusion and light weight security and authentication aspects.


Companies interested in developing the foundation for intuitive IoT networks, from the applications to the innovative technology and circuits behind them are invited to become a partner in imec's R&D program or license IP.