Holst Centre extends sheet-to-sheet production capabilities

Holst Centre has expanded its sheet-to-sheet production facilities for organic light emitting diodes (OLEDs) with the purchase of a Kurt J. Lesker Super Spectros thermal evaporator. The new tool will increase throughput for hybrid solution-processed / evaporated OLEDs, speeding up testing of new process steps and materials.

"In the long-term, high-volume manufacturing of OLEDs is likely to be carried out using roll-to-roll processes. However, sheet-to-sheet approaches will provide an important intermediate step, allowing manufacturers to bring new OLED products to market faster. The investment in the Lesker thermal evaporator is part of our ongoing commitment to help our partners develop these industrially important sheet-to-sheet processes alongside our research into roll-to-roll manufacturing," says Jack Levell, a researcher within Holst Centre's Printed organic lighting and signage technology integration program.

Holst Centre will use the Super Spectros thermal evaporator for depositing the light-emitting and charge-transport layers of small-molecule OLED devices. It will form part of Holst Centre's sheet-to-sheet production line, offering an intermediate step to explore the scaling up from research samples to roll-to-roll production.