Covering the theme 'Organic optoelectronics on the move', the VII International Krutyn Summer School is being organized as part of the FP7 Collaborative Projects: Fast2Light and, in association with the Polish Supramolecular Chemistry Network and the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The summer school will be held in the village of Krutyn, in the Masurian Lake District of Poland from 22-28 June 2010. Offering state-of-the-art training, including lectures and consulting sessions delivered by top experts, the course will help Ph.D. students and young researchers reinforce their knowledge and skills in the field of molecular optoelectronics.

Paul Blom, Scientific Director Systems-in-Foil at Holst Centre is one of the members of the International Scientific Advisory Board for the course. Edward Young, Principal Researcher in the Holst Centre Program on Organic Lighting and Signage is one of the invited speakers. Holst Centre is also the coordinator of the Fast2Light project which aims to develop innovative, cost-effective, high-throughput, roll-to-roll, large area deposition processes for fabricating light-emitting polymer-OLED foils for intelligent lighting applications.

For all details and registration: visit the summer school webpage.

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