Polymer Vision extends and expands research contract

Holst Centre welcomes back Polymer Vision to an extended and expanded research contract. Once part of Philips and now part of the Taiwanese ODM, Wistron, Polymer Vision is again contributing to research in several of Holst Centre's programs.

In the past, Polymer Vision was involved in Holst Centre's programs on Organic and Oxide Transistors and on Lithography on Flexible Substrates. With the renewed partnership contract, Polymer Vision continues to share in these Holst Centre's activities but is also taking part in the program on Electrodes and Barriers.

According to Polymer Vision, its partnership with Holst Centre provides many advantages. It helps Polymer Vision to maintain its reputation as the flagship of organic electronics, drawing on the shared experience gained in the programs and through access to Holst Centre's external know-how via its extensive research network. It also helps Polymer Vision to reduce costs compared to conducting purely internal R&D, cutting R&D risk and reducing time to market of next-generation products.

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