InnoPhysics plasma printing from open innovation to market

InnoPhysics plasma printing technology on its way to market after successful open innovation trajectory with Holst Centre

InnoPhysics B.V., a Dutch startup company from the Vision Dynamics Group, demonstrates a proprietary Digital-on-Demand PlasmaPrint hardware solution that enables software patterned surface functionalization, etching and deposition of functional coatings on thin (plastic) substrates. After successful feasibility studies performed at Holst Centre in the area of flexible electronics such as OLED lighting, InnoPhysics is now developing a go-to-market strategy for the new technology.

Printed electronics is a fast growing market with a large variety of different applications such as RFID tags, organic and polymer LEDs and solar cells. The proprietary InnoPhysics technology solution operates on a large variety of plastic substrates in ambient conditions, at room temperature and it provides flexibility in patterning, i.e. mask-less, which is especially important during the prototyping phase, personalized product solutions and versioning of single products for the flexible and printed organic electronics market. As part of the go-to-market strategy, InnoPhysics is developing a PlasmaPrint toolkit integratable with existing table-top R&D print platforms.

In a joint effort Holst Centre and InnoPhysics have shown the feasibility of surface tension contrast patterning and printing as a valuable technology for the production of energy efficient OLEDs. This successful concept validation has led to a collaboration between Holst Centre and InnoPhysics to further develop the surface tension contrast patterning and printing method and explore a number of new processes to create patterns of functional materials on flexible substrates using the InnoPhysics technology.

Ronn Andriessen, Program Manager Large-Area Printing at Holst Centre: "We are very pleased to see that a young startup company is able to benefit from the collaboration within our open innovation environment. We wish InnoPhysics a successful next step in bringing its technology to the market."

Alquin Stevens, CTO of InnoPhysics: "The validation of our technology by Holst Centre, as a global research institute in the field of printed electronics, is of vital importance in our first steps towards the market. The collaboration with has resulted in a speed up of application and product development, and the open innovation environment has provided us access to the market and its players."