At this year's ISOS-3 conference on OPV stability, Holst Centre's flexible organic solar cell won the annual 'Device of the Year' award. Our achievement echoes the general success of the entire conference, which helped pave the way in standardising OPV parameters.

Held in Roskilde, Denmark from October 21 to 29, the third annual summit on OPV stability, ISOS-3, comprised two experimental roll-to-roll manufacturing OPV workshops, a scientific conference with poster session, and a summit with scientific talks on OPV stability. 75 people attended the latter part of the event which focused on defining a standard set of stability parameters and tests.

As part of the summit, companies had the chance to present a key OPV solution to win the ISOS Device of the Year prize. A total of six devices vied for the award, each one being tested and assessed by everyone taking part in the summit. The competition was judged by representatives from NREL, Plextronics, ECN, Konarka, Ris