Body Area Networking standard attracts major industry attention

The recent IEEE 802.15.6 Working Group (WG) meeting in Montreal, Canada drew significant interest from major industry players including Philips, General Electric (GE), Texas Instruments, Toumaz and Samsung. Over five days (May 11-15th), more than 40 proposals were presented, including four from Holst Centre's Program on Ultra-Low Power (ULP) Radios.

Amongst the industry presenters were the MedWiN Alliance (an industrial alliance jointly set up by GE, Philips, TI and Toumaz) and NICT, a research centre representing Japanese businesses. Several proposals were put forward by Samsung, and other major technology players including Motorola, Qualcomm and Fujitsu also presented.

Holst Centre's four proposals included a narrowband PHY for ISM band communications and a corresponding MAC proposal as well as an UWB PHY proposal, in part inspired by the recent IEEE 802.15.4a standard in which IMEC also played an active role. Finally a MAC proposal coupled to the UWB PHY was also proposed.

Olivier Rousseaux, Business Development Manager ULP Wireless and Guido Dolmans, Activity Leader/Principal Researcher ULP Wireless,