Best Paper Award for Micropower team during SSI2009

During the Smart Systems Integration Conference (March 10-11, Brussels), the Micropower team, consisting of IMEC employees working in Leuven and at Holst Centre, won the Best Paper Award for a presentation "Wireless body-powered electrocardiography shirt".

The paper featured an autonomous wearable electrocardiography (ECG) system integrated into an office-style shirt. It contains biopotential electrodes, an electronic module built on flex technology, thermoelectric generator and wireless link. The thickness of system components does not exceed 6.5 mm. The ECG system does not require any technical service, i.e., it is service-free for its entire lifetime. The user just puts it on and the device starts itself. When taken off, the system switches into a standby regime. The shirt is fully washable in a conventional washing machine.