Development Electro-deposition as a tool for producing electrodes

At TNO (Thesis)

Your Background

You are an ambitious bachelor or master student with both scientific and practical skills looking for a thesis of 5-9 months. You have background in chemistry, material science or applied science. You are pro-active and independent, at the same time a good team player and ready to take up new challenges. Good communication skills in English is expected.



Project Description

Development electro-deposition as a tool for producing electrodes and electrolytes for all 3D solid-state batterie:

Aim of the thesis project is to develop electrodeposition processes to produce thin-film electrodes and electrolytes on high aspect ratio 3D-electrodes. Within the project, an electro-deposition process will be developed and optimized for desired electrochemical properties. Activities will include electro-deposition on various 3D substrates, battery coin cell making, galvanostatic cycling and impedance measurements. The student will also be exposed to morphological and functional analysis techniques of the structures, which will involve measurements like SEM, EDX, XRD, XPS, FTIR etc


Your Tasks

  • Literature research to benchmark the know-how present as state-of-art.
  • Perform experiments in laboratory and clean room including electro-deposition
  • Coating analysis (SEM/EDX analysis, XRD, FTIR), Battery making and post-mortem analysis
  • Participate in group meetings, provide feed-back, discuss results, and propose solutions to various challenging aspects
  • Write intermediate experimental reports and final thesis report

For all inquiries, please contact:

Dr. Bihag Anothumakkool (