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Mixed-Signal System & Circuits for 3D Ultrasound Imaging

IMEC (Thesis)

In this project, the student will research and develop innovative ultra-low power (ULP) circuit to interface with an ultrasound transducer array for 3D ultrasound imaging

Self-Supervised fine-tuning of DNN in Edge AI processor

IMEC (Thesis)

We are searching for optimized hardware efficient algorithms for self-supervised fine-tuning of deep neural networks in our neuromorphic processor for optimized adaptivity in different applications.

Conductivity sensor for real-time water quality monitoring

IMEC (Thesis)

Conductivity sensors are used to determine the quality of liquids for instance surface water, drinking water and sewer water. Your assignment will be developing a design model to optimize a...

UWB Signal Processing for Combined Ranging and Radar

IMEC (Thesis)

This project aims to answer whether ultra-wideband communication transceivers can be used for radar applications as well and vice versa.   What you will do Ultra-wideband has been...

Wireless Transceiver Design for Ultra-wideband ranging and radar applications

IMEC (Thesis)

In this project, the student will research and develop innovative ultra-low power (ULP) receiver architecture and circuits for Ultra-wideband (UWB) ranging and radar applications  ...

Senior Researcher Radio Systems

IMEC (Job)

As a Senior Researcher, you take part in the development of the next generation smart radio transceiver and radar solutions.

ERC-Intranet of Neurons: Energy-efficient and miniature CMOS transceiver IC system for high-bandwidth brain-computer interface


A PhD position in designing a wireless transceiver for linking computers and human brains, without wires.

IC Characterization Engineer

IMEC (Job)

With a strong interest in contributing to innovation in the IoT, AI and Health Domains

Senior Research & Innovation Strategist

IMEC (Job)

With a global view on scouting innovative technology

Electronic System Engineer Medical Devices

IMEC (Job)

As an electronic system designer, you lead electronic system development of innovative medical device prototypes in accordance to the medical device regulations.

Asynchronous ADC design for neuromorphic systems

IMEC (Thesis)

We propose to work towards the development of analog-to-digital converted tailored for neuromorphic processing systems. This novel type of analog-to-digital converter will be compatible with...

Full-Duplex Front-End for FMCW Radar

IMEC (Thesis)

We have achieved good success on radar solutions, e. g. the record-low power radar for vital signs and occupancy sensing, presented at ISSCC 2019*. To continue our success, we will develop key...

Neuromorphic compressed sensing and even-based transmission

IMEC (Thesis)

In this project, the student internship will explore a new neuromorphic concept, i.e., compressed sensing, into low-power wireless communication.