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Scientific Director for new R&D line “AI for Intuitive Spaces”

IMEC (Job)

The Internet-of-Things is becoming a reality in our cities, workplace and at home. Imec R&D programs have established a world-leading track record on the design of novel sensor for...

Design and layout of an integrated control for multi-coil inductive power transmitter

IMEC (Thesis)

Project Description Inductive powering is the most widely used technique for powering implants. However, it suffers from sensitivity to position / orientation of the implant itself. To solve this...

Towards real time monitoring of blood dialysis in chronic kidney disease

IMEC (Thesis)

Project Description Chronic kidney disease (CKD) affects about 10 percent of the population worldwide. While kidney transplantation remains the best treatment option, the lack of suitable organs...

A first step towards a replaceable kidney: fluid balance using wearable sensor technology

IMEC (Thesis)

Project Description The kidney plays an important role in fluid homeostasis in the body. In patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) the kidney is damaged and can no longer optimally remain...