As the world becomes more connected and digitized the demand for electricity grows and grows. And whether powering our homes and industries or our portable and wearable devices, electricity needs to be reliable, environmentally friendly and affordable. Holst Centre is actively exploring sustainable energy creation and storage through technologies and production processes for perovskite solar cells and thin-film Li-ion batteries.


Perovskites hold the key to highly efficient yet affordable solar cells. Using our know-how and experience in the industrialization of thin-film PVs, we are driving forward development of perovskite technology and production. By making high-throughput, roll-to-roll manufacturing of perovskite solar panels possible, we're helping to cut the cost of solar energy. Light, flexible and offering complete freedom of shape, they could be integrated directly into building materials and electronic systems, making "solar" power attractive both indoors and out.


In storage, we're looking to improve energy densities, charging speeds and lifetimes of lithium ion (Li-ion) batteries.  We have a strong focus on three-dimensional solid-state (3DSS) architectures for thin-film batteries ideal for portable and wearable devices, while also exploring larger-capacity architectures for automotive and grid storage applications. Technologies, concepts and new production processes are all investigated. Taking advantage of the extensive roll-to-roll infrastructure we have in place for OLED and OPV production, we are aiming to upscale manufacture and make thin-film batteries more affordable.


For both areas, we are active in both shared research and one-to-one projects.