The ability to unobtrusively monitor our bodies and deliver medical-grade data in any setting will revolutionize healthcare. Instead of just managing disease, the insight gathered could allow us to manage our health. By helping us spot early warning signs and giving feedback that encourages healthy behaviors and lifestyle choices, it could improve quality of life while controlling healthcare spending. And the same technologies can be applied to enhance many other areas of our daily lives.


Holst Centre is at the forefront of developments in personal health and biomedical sensing technologies. Through advanced, low-power sensors and data handling circuitry, we enable multifunctional solutions for wearable and non-contact monitoring with groundbreaking autonomy and data quality. What's more, we're developing highly sophisticated algorithms for analyzing that data to extract meaningful and actionable insight.


Together with dedicated R&D projects for individual clients we offer complete R&D prototyping including initial clinical trials. With our ecosystem partners, we are also active in circuit design to reduce power consumption. Moreover, our extensive expertise in printed and flexible electronics is helping to lower manufacturing costs and increase user comfort.


We are active in all areas of personal health, with a focus on managing chronic diseases such as heart failure, and disease prevention through behavioral change. Elsewhere, we are exploring how physiological sensing technologies and insight can add value beyond healthcare, for example by enhancing virtual and augmented reality experiences.