Innovation Areas

OLED Technology

Light plays a fundamental role in our lives. It provides illumination and stimulation; it can affect our emotions and bring safety to the darkness. Light even regulates basic biological processes deep within our bodies. Flexible, lightweight and shining over large areas in almost any shape, organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) will let us do more with light than ever before – opening up new designs and ways to treat illness. And with lighting currently using around 20% of the world's electricity, OLEDs' potential for high efficiency could save huge amounts of energy and greenhouse gas emissions.


Perceptive systems combine local data with info from the cloud and other sensor networks to create a holistic picture of the world and enable an Intuitive IoT. Holst Centre is active in all areas of the IoT, focusing on low maintenance costs and secure, natural interaction.

Flexible OLED Displays

From the Internet of Things to health monitoring and lifestyle tracking, the future connected world will be driven by data. And people will need to be able to review and interact with that data at home, at work or on the go. Flexible and efficient, OLED-based displays are ideal for mobile and portable systems that will let us take data to new places. Research being carried out at Holst Centre will reduce power consumption, extend lifetimes, improve performance and cut manufacturing costs for these soon-to-be ubiquitous displays.

Connected Health Solutions

Unobtrusive, medical-grade monitoring will let us shift from managing disease to managing health, helping us live fuller lives and control healthcare spending. Holst Centre enables this revolution through technologies and algorithms for low-power, multifunctional wearable and non-contact solutions.

Smart Flexible Systems

Today's world is full of intelligent electronic devices based on conventional, rigid silicon chips. Making intelligent systems flexible opens up the possibility of embedding that functionality directly into clothing, plastics and construction materials, changing the way we interact with electronics. Building smart systems would also make it possible to produce electronics in high-throughput roll-to-roll processes, cutting manufacturing costs. Holst Centre and its ecosystem are the forefront of a wide range of fundamental technologies that will make smart flexible systems possible.

Energy creation and storage

Whether for homes and industries or portable and wearable devices, electricity must be reliable, eco-friendly and affordable. Holst Centre is advancing sustainable energy creation and storage with technologies and production processes for perovskite solar cells and thin-film Li-ion batteries.