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Holst Centre is an independent R&D center that develops technologies for wireless autonomous sensor technologies and flexible electronics, in an open innovation setting and in dedicated research trajectories. A key feature of Holst Centre is its partnership model with industry and academia based around roadmaps and programs. It is this kind of cross-fertilization that enables Holst Centre to tune its scientific strategy to industrial needs.


Holst Centre's fundamentals are to contribute to answering global societal challenges in healthcare, lifestyle, sustainability and the Internet of Things. This is visible through the motivation of its researchers,  its different collaboration models and the choice of its research topics.


Holst Centre was set up in 2005 by imec (Flanders, Belgium) and TNO (The Netherlands) and is supported by local, regional and national governments. It is named after Gilles Holst, a Dutch pioneer in Research and Development and first director of Philips Research.

Located on High Tech Campus Eindhoven, Holst Centre benefits from, and contributes to, the state-of-the-art on-site facilities. Holst Centre has over 200 employees from some 28 nations and a commitment from more than 40 industrial partners.



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Posted on May 8, 2019

Holst Centre demos world's most transparent large-area optical fingerprint sensor

Could your car or an ATM recognize you just from your hand? Holst Centre, an open innovation initiative of imec and TNO, has developed a new large-area optical fingerprint sensor that is over 70% transparent – making it ideal for integrating on top of LCD displays. The new sensor will be publicly demonstrated for the first time at SID's Display Week 2019 and could allow a wider range of display applications to incorporate biometric security.     The idea of integrating fingerprint scanners into displays is increasingly common in smartphones. These applications place a sensor under a transparent OLED array which acts as both the display and light source for the fingerprint reading. However, the LCD displays used, for example, in automotive applications, public t...

Posted on Apr 3, 2019

Helping flexible solar panels last longer. Holst Centre and DuPont Teijin Films develop production-ready barrier film solution for flexible photovoltaics

Researchers at Holst Centre and DuPont Teijin Films have created a high-performance yet cost-effective roll-to-roll barrier solution designed specifically for flexible photovoltaic (PV) cells. This production-ready solution combines Holst Centre’s advanced barrier technology with DuPont Teijin ...

Posted on Mar 5, 2019

Imec at Holst Centre designs breakthrough sub-mW radar for presence detection in smart buildings

Imec at Holst Centre designs breakthrough sub-mW radar for presence detection in smart buildings   Imec the Netherlands developed a new 8GHz UWB radar. The exceptional radar transceiver is designed as an efficient, low-cost solution for presence detection in smart building solutions. The ...

Posted on Jan 8, 2019

Holst Centre launches at CES 2019 disposable health patch to measure vital signs

This week, at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2019), taking place in Las Vegas, imec and TNO are presenting the latest version of their health patch. Developed in the framework of the Holst Centre in Eindhoven, the new health patch offers unprecedented comfort and a long battery life, previou...

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