Human-Centric Healthcare Update

In this webinar, we would like to provide a summary of our recent healthcare-related innovations to our customers, partners and other interested parties.


We are constantly innovating to enable the global shift from traditional healthcare to "Human-Centric Healthcare". Instead of treating people as patients, Human-Centric Healthcare aims to provide a holistic healthcare solution, which includes preventive care enabled by remote monitoring devices.


During this webinar, you will get updates on the following topics:

  1. Health patches: Our new wearable health patch platform
  2. Large-area sensors for vital signs monitoring: Recent advancements in pressure and piezo sensing

Furthermore, we will introduce you to two new areas of activity:

  1. Organ-on-chip: How we enable electronics integration for organ-on-chip applications
  2. Wearable devices for digital biomarkers: A new collaboration between TNO at Holst Centre and TNO Healthy Living

Speaker is Ashok Sridhar, Senior Business Development Manager. Please feel free to register for this webinar.