Wearable Devices – Key Enablers for Remote Patient Monitoring

Digital health technologies are changing the way the healthcare is delivered. Advancements in digital health technologies are enabling the shift in patient care to de-centralized care settings with real-time monitoring, where in-person consulting is preferred only as a second line in the treatment. Wearable devices play a key role in facilitating this transition in care delivery, going towards remote patient monitoring.


This webinar summarizes the latest developments in wearable device technology, from technological building blocks to new applications.



  • Opening address: Ms. Midori Inako, Region Manager, TNO at Holst Centre
  • Keynote speech from Europe: Mr. Jos Gelissen, Scientist, Philips Research, the Netherlands
  • Key note from Japan: Prof. Naoji Matsuhisa, Department of Electrical Engineering, Keio University.
  • Title presentation: "Realizing Skin-like Softness in Next-Generation Wearables"
  • Updates from TNO at Holst Centre: Dr. Ashok Sridhar, Senior Business Development Manager, TNO at Holst Centre, the Netherlands

Moderator: Dr. Peter Zalar, Program Manager – Sensors, TNO at Holst Centre


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