Universal NFC antenna

At tno, Integration Technologies for Flexible Systems

Your Background

You are a Bachelor/Master student with affinity to electronics, RF circuit design and novel technologies with the following background:


A       Electrical Engineering

B       Applied Physics


Your Skills

You are an ambitious Bachelor/Master student with both scientific and practical skills looking for a project of at least 4 months (preferably 6 months). You are pro-active and independent, at the same time a good team player and you have good communication skills in English.



Project Description


In the hybrid printed electronics program we are interested in machine to machine interfaces as for example near field communication. Since the antenna and remaining circuitry can be directly printed on the substrate, different challenges pop up. Such as stretching and bending of the circuitry.


The main goal of these assignments is to explore new interfaces that can be used with Holst Centre's printed electronic technology.


The internship will consist of the development, making and testing of one or multiple of the following interfaces with hybrid printed electronics:


  • Development of a printable NFC antenna based on earlier work from Holst Centre. Characterizing and optimize the antenna for different substrates and different printing techniques.
  • Analyze and compare the performance when the antenna is stretched, bended or thermoformed.
  • From these results develop an optimized printable NFC antenna that can be used when stretched, bended or thermoformed.
  •  After the research write a design guidelines document for future reference.

The topic of the internship will be embedded in the ongoing research topics that are currently running in the 'Hybrid Printed' program. The student will become part of the team that is responsible for the development of demonstrators within this program and will be included in bi-weekly technical meetings. Bilateral meetings are planned dependent on the requirements of the student.


Your Tasks

  • Investigate the options for realization of the NFC antenna and make a plan for it.
  • Design and build a test system to characterize the system.
  • Write a design guidelines document for future reference
  • Write a report describing the technology used, design choices, and final results.
  • The internship is based on a 40 hour workweek. You will be judged on the approach, result and reporting of the assignment.


For all inquiries, please contact:

for more information contact Koen Los @ koen.los@tno.nl



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