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  • You are an ambitious and creative Masters student from Physics, Chemistry, Materials Science or Nanoscience, with both scientific and practical skills.
  • You have good communication skills in English and you are able to work both independently and as part of a team.

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Project Description

Oxide semiconductor materials (e.g. InGaZnO) are more and more being used in the (OLED) display industry in the thin-film transistors that drive the individual pixels of a display. The reason is the high electron mobility and the up-scalability to very large manufacturing sizes (displays are made on glass plates of up to 10 m2 size). Most oxide semiconductors are n-type, meaning that electrons are the main charge carriers. If high quality p-type oxide semiconductors could be made (i.e. holes as main carriers) that would open the possibility to make high performance Complementary Metal–Oxide–Semiconductor (CMOS) TFTs that enables larger, faster, higher resolution and lower power displays.



Your Tasks

  • A literature research to identify the current state-of-art of p-type oxide semiconductors, and the use of ALD for depositing these materials
  • Perform Spatial ALD deposition experiments of p-type oxides
  • Analysis of the deposited films by various methods, including as part of TFT devices
  • Participate in group meetings, provide feed-back, discuss results, and propose solutions to various challenging aspects
  • Write intermediate experimental reports and a final thesis report


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