Your Background

You are an ambitious hands-on student from materials science and engineering,  physics, material science, chemistry or other related field


Your Skills

  • You have good communication skills in English
  • You are independent but also a team player
  • You are looking forward to work in a challenging atmosphere with highly skilled co-workers, in an international environment


Project Description

The interest to Perovskite Solar Cells is drastically increased in the last few years. High power conversion efficiency and low-cost potential make Perovskite Solar Cells very promising candidate for future applications. Low cost potential is based on the cheap earth-abundant materials and possibility of solution R2R processing. The researchers team at Holst Centre and Solliance alliance are working on the development of R2R manufacturing technology for Perovskite Solar Cells.


One of the most interesting aspects of Perovskite Solar Cells is their stability: there is still a lot to understand and to improve. We offer an opportunity for the students to join our team and work together on this challenging topic.   


Your Tasks

  • Literature research to provide you the required theoretical background
  • Performing experiments in world-class clean-room labs
  • Analysing the experimental data and preparing presentations
  • Participate in group meetings, provide feed-back, discuss results, and propose solutions to various challenging aspects
  • Documenting the results in technical reports
  • This students project will be an internship (or master thesis) with a total duration of 6-9 months, starting in January 2018


For all inquiries, please contact:

Alessia Senes, E-mail:



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