Modeling high performance solid state batteries

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Your Skills

You are an ambitious master student with both scientific and practical skills looking for a thesis of at least 6-8 months. You have a (theoretical) physics, (electro)chemistry or materials science background. You are pro-active and independent, at the same time a good team player. Good communication skills in English is expected.


Project Description

Master thesis description:Aim of this student project is to simulate the power performance and thermal properties of all solid state lithium ion thin film batteries (Li-TFB), to come to a rational design of optimal battery cell architectures. For that purpose, first a dynamic model will be developed incorporating detailed aspects of ion transport in solid solutions of crystalline metal oxides.  This includes transient lithium ion flux through a solid electrolyte, the solid–solid interfaces and intercalation electrodes like LiCoO2. Second, the thermal aspects – in particular Joule heating -  are incorporated into the model. The model will be validated against existing experimental data, and applied to real-live thin film stacks to interpret and predict  their performance. Your tasks will include:


Your Tasks

  • Literature research on solid state battery electrochemistry and models
  • Work with simulation tools like MATLAB and COMSOL
  • Model development & validation against experimental data
  • Participate in group meetings, provide feed-back, discuss results, and propose solutions to various challenging aspects
  • Write intermediate experimental reports and final thesis report


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