imec - Design of a MEMS Microphone Sigma-Delta ADC with a SNDR of 88 dB in TSMC 55 nm

At imec, Connected Health Solutions R&D


Project Description

The number of people with hearing impairments or deafness continuously increases every year. The implementation of a digital hearing aid systems and combining this with more programmability for performance on demand and minimum power consumption will improve the hearing experience of patients with hearing loss while reducing the costs and increasing the battery life time. Another application would be monitoring the peoples breathing during night to detect sleep apnea or snoring. The ADC should be able to switch dynamically between modes and must provide the biasing required for the microphone.

Sigma-Delta ADC are used in these applications for their high dynamic range and low power interfacing with a MEMS microphone. The SDM-ADC has a SNDR of 88 dB in 10kHz bandwidth and a power consumption of < 60 uA in high performance mode. Low power mode has a SNDR of 75 dB and a power consumption of < 40 uA. Area should be < 0.4 mm2.


Your Tasks

  • Literature study on mic SDM-ADC.
  • Architecture selection (or development of a new architecture) of an ADC that meets the specifications.
  • Circuit implementation of the proposed ADC at schematic level.
  • If time permits: layout and tape-out of the ADC for verification.


Your Profile

  • You are an MSc student in Electrical Engineering.
  • You are available for a period of 9 months.
  • Knowledge of Analog design in CMOS process and Semiconductor physics.
  • You have Basic ADC course and Advanced ADC course.
  • Knowledge of Matlab and Simulink.
  • Knowledge of Signal processing.
  • Motivated student eager to work independently and expand knowledge in the field.
  • Good written and verbal English skills.
  • Entitled to do an internship in the Netherlands.


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