Humidity sensor

At tno, Integration Technologies for Flexible Systems

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  • Master student or bachelor graduation student from applied science, chemistry, physics or related
  • Theoretical and experimental skills
  • Independent but also a team player



Project Description

 In the HPE team printed sensors are developed as well, varying from temperature, pressure and gasses. The student develops a printed humidity sensor for greenhouse applications. Working in a small team, the student will be responsible for testing different sensor materials and establishing the process for this new class of printed sensor. The project will evolve from lab scale experiments to a pilot scale production. The sensors can be tested in a greenhouse during the internship.


This student project will be an internship with a duration of at least 5 months.


Your Tasks

  •  Literature survey
  •  Performing experiments in clean rooms and labs
  •  Electrical and material characterization
  •  Data analysis and reporting to the team
  •  Documentation of results in a technical report
  •  Presentation of results


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for more information contact Marieke Burghoorn (


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