High Mobility Organic Thin Film Transistors for low-cost large-area electronics

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Your Background

  •  You are an ambitious and creative Masters student from Applied Physics, Physical Chemistry or Nanoscience, with both scientific and practical skills.
  • You have good communication skills in English and you are able to work both independently and as part of a team.

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Your Skills


Project Description

 Organic semiconductors hold significant promise today in terms of achievable mobility (e.g. >10 cm2/Vs). Yet, carrier injection is problematic, even when precious metals like gold are used.

The first research project aims to study electrical doping to reduce contact resistances in thin-film transistors. While doping by means of a guest molecule into a host matrix is extensively studied for increasing conductivity to reduce voltage drops within OLEDs and OPVs (electrical doping), materials and methods need modification in order to be applicable to thin-film transistors.

The second project aims to realize stable operation of both p-type and n-type operation modes in a single, ambipolar transistor. This will be achieved by changing either the doping density in the semiconductor near the contacts or electrostatically, by using multiple gates.

The overall goal of the projects is to understand the fundamental electronic processes (charge injection & extraction, charge transfer & transport, charge separation & recombination) that occur at interfaces in organic thin-film transistors.

Both projects are carried out together with the Technical University of Eindhoven.


Your Tasks

  • Literature research to provide you with the required theoretical background
  • Transistor fabrication and characterization
  • Development of a detailed understanding of the operation mechanism
  • Participation in group meetings providing feedback, discussing results and proposing solutions to the various challenging aspects of the projec
  • tDissemination of results through presentations and a final written report


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 For more information contact: Auke Kronemeijer: auke.kronemeijer@tno.nl


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