Exploring new dry electrode solutions for wearable psysiological monitoring

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With the advent of wearable devices becoming increasingly popular for lifestyle and well-being applications, there is a need for advanced systems to produce accurate health metrics. The most important aspect of obtaining reliable data is the sensing element, which detects electrophysiological signals, amongst others, from the surface of the skin to translate them into significant metrics for quantification of health. Clinical tests involve using wet gel electrodes across the surface scalp to produce good quality electroencephalography (EEG) and electrooculography (EOG) data for interpretation and diagnoses. However, these gel electrodes are not a popular choice in lifestyle and well-being applications as they are cumbersome to apply, need expert assistance in electrode placement/attachment and need to be cleaned after each use due to the drying of the gel.


Project Description

The objective of this project is to characterize novel dry electrode materials and designs in terms of durability, performance and signal quality, and explore their optimal integration into a form factor suitable for wearable physiological monitoring. The advent of state-of-the-art dry electrodes will open new avenues in designing wearable health solutions to be used in daily life applications. 


The main responsibility of the student is to perform extensive characterization of different dry electrode materials for use in EEG and EOG monitoring. The characterization will involve several data collection experiments, aimed to understand the electrical properties of the electrode materials and the interaction between the electrodes and the human skin and comparison with traditional gel-based electrodes. Based on the characterization, the student will perform feasibility studies of integrating these dry electrodes into a wearable headset suitable for EEG and EOG monitoring. In addition, the comfort of these electrodes will be assessed to quantify usability of these solutions in everyday applications.


Your Tasks

  • Literature study on latest dry electrodes and performance during electrophysiological monitoring.
  • Protocol design and data collection on human subjects to evaluate EEG and EOG signal quality at different scalp positions.
  • Systematic evaluation of different electrode solutions in terms of signal quality and user comfort when compared to gel-based solutions.
  • Developing algorithms for evaluating and comparing performances.
  • Documentation of results and providing valuable feedback for future direction of electrode development.


Your Profile

  • Bachelor's/Master's student with a background in Biomedical/Electrical/Material science engineering or other similar disciplines.
  • Programming skills: Matlab/Python.
  • Basic knowledge in signal processing and statistical methods is a plus.
  • Knowledge in human physiology and experience in data collection is an advantage.
  • Excellent written and verbal English skills.
  • Motivated and quick learner with ability to work independently.


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Ms Najat Loiazizi, HR specialist.

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