Design of Ring-Oscillator based ADPLL

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All-Digital PLL(ADPLL) is a key component in ultra-low power wireless transceivers. The ADPLL is required for high-integrated design to achieve low design cost and easier implementation. This project focuses on designing the low power and low noise ADPLL using ring oscillator.


Project Description

All-digital PLLs (ADPLLs) have been widely used for frequency synthesizer in modern wireless transceivers. ADPLLs can achieve low power dissipation and high-level integration with diverse testability. In ADPLLs, DCO and TDC/DTC  are critical sub-blocks for overall ADPLL performance.  


Ring oscillator is traditionally considered to implement DCO.  While the ring DCO has high integrity and wide frequency coverage, it is difficult to design in a power efficient scheme with low phase noise requirement.


TDC/DTC has also a decisive role to detect phase difference in ADPLLs. Its non-ideal time-to-digital conversion degrades in-band phase noise and spur characteristics on ADPLLs' output.


In this project, three main goals will be implemented in advanced CMOS technology:

  • Low power and noise ring-oscillator DCO design;
  • High performance TDC/DTC design;
  • Overall ADPLL design and its verification


Your Tasks

  • Literature studies on state-of-the-art frequency synthesizers;
  • Understanding both analog and digital design methodologies;
  • Architecture study and proposal;
  • Circuit implementation;
  • Layout and post-layout simulation;
  • Tape-out and measurement.


Your Profile

  • Good analytical skills;
  • Knowledges of designing CMOS circuits;
  • Motivated student eager to work independently and expand knowledge in the field;
  • Good written and verbal English skills.


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