Design of a radar receiver for vital signs detection

At imec, Perspective Systems

Design an RF radar receiver for vital signs monitoring application in CMOS technology. It will be used for detecting the heartbeat and respiration of a patient.


Project Description

In recent years, remote health monitoring has become an increasingly hot research topic. More precisely, in the last two decades, the attention has been focused mainly on contactless vital signs monitoring. The sensing of vital functions can be made contactless and therefore non-invasive by adopting radar techniques. The Doppler shifts caused by the mechanical movements of heart and chest (lungs) can be detected and in this way heartbeat and respiration rate can be measured. The advantage of radars is that monitoring can happen without any user involvement, which is a strong asset in AAL applications due to the targeted population (e.g., subjects in cognitive decline).


This project focuses on the development of a radar-sensor aiming at contactless vital signs monitoring under real circumstances. Current radar architectures have several problems, such as finite detection range and distortion, which limit the accuracy of the vital sign detection. The main goal of this thesis is to investigate and develop an innovative radar receiver architecture and circuit implementation, to be integrated to the current imec radar transmitter, which can solve the aforementioned limitations. The "real-condition" testing of the vital-sign monitoring will be performed together with IMEC experts based on the prototype developed in this project and imec transmitter.


Your Tasks

  • Development and Integrated Circuit implementation of an innovative radar receiver architecture;
  • Testing and system implementation based on the developed prototype and current imec transmitter.


Your Profile

  • CMOS RF and Mixed-signal IC design;
  • Familiar with cadence tools, matlab and simulink;
  • Some background of radar technology is a plus;
  • Motivated student eager to work independently and expand knowledge in the field;
  • Good written and verbal English skills.


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