Our Culture

The culture of Holst Centre is based on shared values, that were present from the start. Innovativeness (being creative, energetic) with a commitment to and ambition for top performances with the team, whilst not losing sight of integrity (reliability, strength). These core values are embedded in the interactions with Holst Centre, both internally as externally.


The multi-cultural backgrounds of the team members in Holst Centre creates a dynamic work atmosphere. Holst Centre staff currently include around 30 nationalities. This is reflected in the number of languages you can hear around the coffee machines. That international nature makes Holst Centre a very socially active place to work.



Within Holst Centre,  there is a variety of technology domains that are being worked on. This allows people from different backgrounds to interact on various topics from different angles. It is this multi-disciplinarity that triggers our team members to look further than strictly their own domain.


Mixed teams with non-payroll

Next to the payroll employees the Holst Centre teams consist of important other groups that add to the open innovation platform:

  • Residents from the industry, that actively take part in our research roadmap;
  • PhD-students that do their research at Holst Centre, supervised by both the team and their university;
  • Master-students that do their thesis-project at Holst Centre


Academia and industry

The Holst Centre organization is built to bridge the gap between industry and academia. The current employee base is a mix of people coming from industry, academia, research institutes (other than imec and TNO) and the two founding organizations. There is also a good mix between senior/experienced team members and more junior talent.