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All job opportunities at Holst Centre

Top technology is made by top talent. Do you have what it takes to join our team? Due to the legal structure of Holst Centre, people applying for a position are employed by TNO or imec-nl (imec's legal entity in The Netherlands).

Business Development Manager Connected Health Solutions

Connected Health Solutions Progr. Mgt Office (IMEC)

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Sensor Data Fusion Researcher

solutions4IoT (IMEC)

As a Sensor Data Fusion Researcher at imec the Netherlands, you will design, develop and implement signal processing and machine learning algorithms for the IoT team.

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Machine Learning Researcher


What if we could design chips that behave like brains? In this role you will build the neural network applications and help to transfer them to neuromorphic IC’s and architectures.

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Researcher "Medical imaging systems"

Holst Centre is a leading open innovation R&D institute, for wireless autonomous sensor technologies and flexible electronics. Holst Centre is located on the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven and...

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Senior Analog & RF IC Designer

circuits4IoT (IMEC)

As a Senior Analog &RF IC Designer at imec Eindhoven you will architect and implement ultra-low power transceiver SoCs.

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Senior IoT Architect


As an Senior IoT Architect at imec, you will have a major impact on the emerging IoT world. From building automation to health monitoring, you design and build the platform for billions of IoT...

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