The average sensor network generates more than 7 gigabytes of raw data per year. Half of this is redundant. The key to unlocking the Internet of Things is to ensure the relevant data is collected, shared and effectively interpreted so that we can extract useful information. Data analytics will be vital, along with the ability to easily integrate a range of monitoring options in a single, distributed network.


Holst Centre is working to make the large-scale rollout of Internet of Things networks as simple as possible, while ensuring they deliver the right functionality and information. To this end, we are developing a modular Internet of Things platform comprising both hardware and software. The platform gives network developers complete freedom: simply plug in the sensors you need and the operating systems and applications you want.


The platform's hardware and software modularity enables easy expansion, supporting up to tens of thousands of sensors. By exploiting multi-sensor data, the platform allows self-calibration of each node – simplifying network maintenance and maximizing data accuracy. Meanwhile, the high-level separation of firmware components ensures interoperability between hardware solutions and supports over-the-air upgrades.


As part of our shared research programs, Holst Centre works with partners across the value chain to extend and enhance the IoT platform. We also work with individual companies to develop specific applications and solve their rollout issues.