Small and Medium Enterprises
Once the technologies investigated at Holst Centre get to a more mature stage, the mutual benefit of including SMEs into a global research network can potentially be huge. SMEs can bring essential application knowledge to the Holst Centre ecosystem and the SMEs can – in turn – benefit from the state of the art technology that becomes available at Holst Centre.
Already, Holst Centre built a track record of collaborating with SMEs. Examples of past and running projects and partnerships with SMEs include: InnoPhysics, IntrisicID, Maastricht Instruments, iKnow, Singulus Mastering and Target Compiler Technologies.

In 2014, Holst Centre reached an agreement with the Brabant Development Agency (BOM – Brabantse Ontwikkelingsmaatschappij). BOM actively pursues licensing deals based on the Holst Centre IP portfolio, aimed towards high-tech (local) SMEs and clusters of SMEs. For that purpose, BOM has assigned a part-time resident to get a good grip on the developments at Holst Centre.
Currently, initiatives are being developed to inform SMEs of the possibilities of collaborating with Holst Centre trough workshops, presentations and networking events. For the latest information on these initiatives or to discuss the possibilities of cooperation, please contact Peter Visser.