Individual impact

Each team member gets the opportunity to receive international recognition through presentations and posters at renowned conferences or publications in top scientific journals.

Georg Götz, Researcher Large Area Printing:

"Last year, I was asked to present our work on OLEDs at an international conference in Korea (IWFPE 2011). Originally, a colleague of mine was supposed to give this presentation but he could not go so I was asked to replace him. This came as quite a surprise to me, since I had only been working at Holst Centre for a little over half a year then.

As IWFPE is one of the largest and most important conferences for flexible electronics, I met people from almost all the major companies and institutes in the field. I heard a lot about the current trends and demands in industry in our area, and also saw what our competitors were working on.

I gave a 30 minute talk on recent results from the OLED integration program. I don't think this kind of opportunity is given to "starters" in many other places. The other people giving presentations at IWFPE were typically lab directors or professors.

Many of my Holst Centre colleagues have received recognition. One of them was the first PhD student to present his work at the renowned ISSCC conference five years in a row, while another was chosen as one of the top 5 young researchers in the entire TNO organization. Several other colleagues have been invited to give talks or received awards for their presentation, publications and posters.

This has shown me that Holst Centre is internationally recognized as a leading research center. And made me appreciate even more my opportunity to give a conference talk in my first months here."

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