Reduce risk of R&D

Researching new technologies is not without risk. What do you do if the technology path you take fails to work out? At Holst Centre, we keep the focus of our technology programs broad. By joining our programs, you make sure to stay updated on the latest developments that enable you to take the correct choices before ramping up your production.

Reduce Risk of R&D

As just one of many examples: in our program on Patterning Technologies for Flexible Systems, we investigate technologies to pattern structures with micron-sized features on flexible substrates. The shared innovation model of Holst Centre thereby allows investigating various strategies, including - but not limited to - laser processing, optical lithography and embossing technologies. Results will show which solution (or combination of approaches) will find its way to various applications, such as TFT driver circuits for displays, micro-fluidic channels for sensor arrays and light management structures for large-area electronic devices like OLED and thin-film photovoltaics.